Intel wants to apply Jet Engines for the Future of Notebook Cooling system

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Intel Looks to Jet Engines for the Future of Notebook Cooling:  Intel is looking to cool laptop with the exact same technology that a jet engine does like Straight out of the “not as awesome as it sounds” file. The issue of burning legs (that’s right, burning legs) has been an issue on the mind of Intel for some time now, and they’re looking to soothe that with their latest breakthrough.

Intel has been focusing on the increasing issue of hot thighs with something called Laminar Flow. Laminar Flow occurs when a fluid or gas/air flows in parallel layers, allowing a non-turbulent way to misdirect hot air away from the surface of a jet engine (or laptop). As demonstrated, this technology allows efficient cooling of temperatures upwards of 1,000 °C.

A demo of this technology was given at this week’s Intel developer forum in Taiwan by Mooly Eden, Intel’s head of Mobile Platforms Group. Eden said, “We are licensing it to our customers so they can keep making thinner and thinner laptops,”

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