New Applications on Facebook and updated keys

 For versions: ESS / EAV
User name: EAV-64862466
Password: bdkf8tvdjk
Valid until :2012-10-26

User name: EAV-64862455
Password: 6kahhj6sta
Valid until :2012-10-26
User name: EAV-64862484
Password: hxpjftppe2
Valid until :2012-10-26

User name: EAV-64862473
Password: c7dmrjx5pn
Valid until :2012-10-26

User Name: TRIAL-65332829
Password: su6ajbmrk4
Valid until :2012-05-29

User Name: TRIAL-65332869
Password: vtr4a4245p
Valid until :2012-05-29

User Name: TRIAL-65332897
Password: 4h87df8bnm
Valid until :2012-05-29

Cristian Hernandez, director of alliances of Facebook, announced at The Next Web, which is held these days in Amsterdam (Netherlands), six months after the launch of applications for the new timeline (Timeline), the network premiered a form deeper integration. Since then the number of applications has exceeded 3,000. The manager praises the potential of their service with such well known figures on its use in Europe. Of the 901 million users worldwide have, 30 million are in the UK, 25 from France and 21 in Germany.  Hernandez has put the focus on the importance of local communities, because 80% of the friends we have on Facebook are the same country. The Europeans, on average, have 180 contacts divided on strong ties (family, colleagues and people that always works) and the rest. "The interesting thing is that the contents are shared more with the weak link, because they get to videos, links, and content different from our usual circle."

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