SocialBro to know everything about the tweeters and updates

User name: EAV-64127778
Password: 63pmrbe56f
Valid until :2012-10-13

User name: EAV-64130192
Password: ked3np2336
Valid until :2012-10-13

User name: EAV-64130214
Password: tet7cpnj42
Valid until :2012-10-13

User name: EAV-64130230
Password: e6p7avjj6r
Valid until :2012-10-13

User Name: TRIAL-44341938
Password: nsenbhhenu

To know who our fans, who followed, where they are, what influence they have, what time to tweet and more, the application has been born SocialBro .

Managing the social network may seem easy when you have hundreds, even a few thousand followers. But when a big company like McDonald's or Zara, with millions of twitterers pending, the plot thickens. Especially if you want the company is know, single screenshot, with detailed graphics and all kinds of statistics, where people are interested in them, what attracts them most or what time are most receptive to receiving messages . For all that serves SocialBro, an application that focuses not on the content of Twitter, but individuals and entities that generate the flow.

SocialBro is the work of three engineers based in Córdoba, but about to install his office in London: the Spanish Javier Buron, Luis Pablo Pardo and Cuban Alfredo Artiles. The software was born, initially as a proprietary tool to manage another program that the three entrepreneurs have launched Twitter shortly before and enjoyed immediate success followfriday . "We did not know to manage the number of people using that application and we realized that there was no way to know Twitter, quickly and easily who I was and why," says Brown, civil engineer of 32 years and with an MBA Enterprise Institute.

Followfriday was, to date, the flagship of Task 24, the company founded by three partners four years ago to do innovative projects aimed at social networks. "In total we carried out two programs and six to Facebook Twitter. SocialBro is our eighth project and has grown so much that now we focus on it, "said Buron, 29, a computer engineer from the University of Córdoba and associate professor of the same. To develop software analysis, management and search of Twitter, the three friends invested 250,000 euros, obtained the benefits of Team 24 and pocket. They have not received aid.

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