17 June 2010 username and password of nod32

Username: EAV-32154045
Password: musta5afek

User Name:EAV-31786434
Password: red3m6d3v4

User Name:EAV-31789270
Password: t5mtf6b7s6

User Name:EAV-31789201
Password: v4pufhm3uu

User Name:EAV-31779343
Password: vt2p8txhuf

User Name: EAV-31065204
Password: m4ren44nxv

User Name: EAV-31551073
Password: chvk3mt5sd

User Name:EAV-30770172
Password: numjjc6pe6

User Name: EAV-31550060
Password: d38pn42dx7

User Name:EAV-31550064
Password: rd7fcrks3u

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