16 June 2010 username and password of nod32

User Name: EAV-29820865
Password: 8r2vhbkvsd

User Name: EAV-29818330
Password: 6vcd272kt7

User Name: EAV-29818337
Password: fasdfbv4cj

User Name: EAV-29818339
Password: nxsab68sdd

User Name: EAV-29818341
Password: ums662hfe8

User Name: EAV-29818344
Password: df28xktd7h

User Name: EAV-29818346
Password: k625se648c

User Name: EAV-29764768
Password: dc6tbb62se

User Name:EAV-29764778
Password: udkrkad7cn

User Name:EAV-29769619
Password: em3pkfktn3

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