11 March 2010 nod32 username and password

March 11, 2010 NOD32 upgrade ID
Username: EAV-28548187
Password: sf7td55753

Username: EAV-28548192
Password: j2dr3krsv5

Username: EAV-28548195
Password: xcdjpac72s

Username: EAV-28548197
Password: 63dej5nu2m

Username: EAV-28548199
Password: pumhcr2srv

Username: EAV-28548204
Password: edte27kdj3

Username: EAV-28548205
Password: sk4m22kkaf

Username: EAV-28548221
Password: ebvmv7fkc8

Username: EAV-28548225
Password: bcdupksntx

Username: EAV-28548230
Password: 4uksc3dam3

Username: EAV-28548234
Password: f8kk3p3npp

Username: EAV-28548238
Password: d83st6br7e

Note: The version of ESS / EAV that can be used to upgrade all versions of NOD32.

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