10 March 2010 user name and password of nod32

March 10, 2010 NOD32 Upgrade ID
Username: EAV-28530846
Password: sfbhb7sxfu

Username: EAV-28530851
Password: j2hexnejax

Username: EAV-28530852
Password: ku7d482mkf

Username: EAV-28530854
Password: f5tfcx83v5

Username: EAV-28530857
Password: 3x4h6kjvnd

Username: EAV-28530859
Password: 8m3e2etmp8

Username: EAV-28530861
Password: v2hrx2t365

Username: EAV-28530862
Password: rfafs36heh

Username: EAV-28530863
Password: 5nhmst6p7x

Username: EAV-28530865
Password: nhppkffmx7

Username: EAV-28530868
Password: 8dvre4shnf

Username: EAV-28530869
Password: 4upfa5432u

Note: The version of ESS / EAV that can be used to upgrade all versions of NOD32.

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