Nokia plans to sell its headquarters and updated keys

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Nokia plans to sell its headquarters : Nokia mobile phone maker is trying to sell its headquarters in Espoo (Finland), as part of his plan to get rid of non strategic assets, as reported by Reuters. "We are evaluating different options for non-essential parts, such as real estate, and that includes the headquarters," has confirmed to Reuters his spokesman, Maija Taimi. The steel and glass building near the Baltic Sea is valued at between 200 and 300 million euros, according to the Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat. Nokia, which has been trying to improve their finances with large cuts in jobs and other measures, told investors in July that was also thinking to sell their property. In past months, it was revealed that Stephen Elop, Chief Executive Officer of the company, had decided to close the last factory in the country where your mobile manufactured. Now the Finnish mark will manufacture all in Asia. Despite the launch of the new phones Lumia, with Windows operating system, Nokia has not managed to win market share among smartphones while lost in the in the mobile phones cheap and basic by the strong competition in this segment of marks of ZTE, Huawei and other Chinese manufacturers.

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