Tuenti commitment to privacy and eset updated keys

User Name: TRIAL-69182333
Password: 23rp8ur8rr

User Name: TRIAL-69182310
Password: pr7hutxhd6

User Name: TRIAL-69182289
Password: cf5ja6fxhb

User Name: TRIAL-69182268
Password: h6kpdkr637

User Name: TRIAL-69180442
Password: xd3xa4eadx

User Name: TRIAL-69180420
Password: rm6audm78n 

Tuenti , Telefonica social network, today unveiled its new platform will be available to any Internet or mobile browser, compatible with all devices and native applications for Android and BlackBerry, and in the next two weeks in versions for iPhone and Windows Phone. Myspace's new website, now on trial, will be present in autumn in the U.S., Europe and Latin America, and twelve languages, although in Spain will be implemented progressively. In addition, releases a new privacy tool that allows parents to contact their children through the net but without invading the space of his friends.

Zaryn Dentzel, founder and CEO of Myspace, said that the social network to the first level to compete with other social networks like Facebook, which is losing steam in Spain , and instant messaging services like WhatsApp or Joyn , or own Tume Telefonica.

Tuenti wants to make the change in the privacy model a differentiator compared to other applications and social networks . The profiles are not indexed in search engines and identity are always verified. The novelty now is the integration of the concept of contacts, ie any person that a user has in your phone book or with which it has exchanged some e-mail and, obviously, are not necessarily friends, and those not share sensitive information.

This means in practice to break limitations on the participation in existing Myspace so far. For example, since today, parents can communicate and contact with their children at Myspace without having them as friends and, therefore, respecting the scope of private communication. According to Sebastian Muriel, vice president of corporate development "Myspace is no longer the only social network used by young people and goes to everyone, regardless of age" 

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