HP Unveils its anti-Apple laptops and updated keys

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HP Unveils its anti-Apple laptops: Hewlett Packard (HP), the brand born in a garage in Palo Alto, is rethinking its model. Despite the announcement that computers would soon make a change in direction at the last minute made them change their decision. The rectification time, has borne fruit. The veteran company has dethroned Apple as world leading seller of personal computers in the last quarter.

Today the manufacturer has met in Shanghai (China) at various ways to display their new computers you want to keep the lead. The decision to make the announcement in China, the guest who has come this day, is because it has become the largest market for fish, with 200 computers per thousand people.

Another decision of this old brand has been to unify the units of computers, printers and peripherals at a time. In short have a turnover of 65,000 million (50.173 million euros). Even if there is a number that has excited James Mouton, Chief Executive of computers, is that, worldwide, sold four products of HP per second.

At no time has been named, but it shows they have a product between the eyes: Apple MacBook Air, a computer just over a kilo, long battery life and processor with ability to edit videos fluently. Intel, along with the major manufacturers, has created a new new category of computers that are more or less, the pattern marked by the bite of the apple company. They have not finished booting, although Intel encourages the creation of applications with them in mind. AMD, the second computer chipmaker, has refused to stay behind. What ultrabook mark is already registered? No matter, are drawn from the hat a concept between laughable and original, the sleekbook. Becomes the same concept but with a different processor.

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