09 November 2010 Nod32 Username and Password

Username: EAV-37799430
Password: av6h3nmvn7
For versions: EAV
Expiry :2011-05-14

Username: EAV-37799434
Password: ma6apc8bpu
For versions: EAV
Expiry :2011-05-14

Username: EAV-37799426
Password: hdxjd72bu4

Username: EAV-37796102
Password: mabdbtd735
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: EAV-37796100
Password: embhf24h2a
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: EAV-37796874
Password: 243mvj573t
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: EAV-37796901
Password: 34jcmx5nhs
For versions: ESS / EAV

Automobile Lease Insurance – Tips For Cheaper Rates:

It is true that a lot of vehicle owners purchased their vehicles using a lease structure. There are gains and pains involved in using a lease service. How much gain or pain you receive depends on how disciplined you are with repayingborrowed money. It is important you know that when you lease a car, the car belongs to the leasing company. They will require adequate insurance to protect their investment since it is their loss if the car is stolen, involved in an accident and it is damaged or completely destroyed. Also, liability coverage is important to protect against third party problems caused by you.

Here are some basic facts about car insurance that you need to know before you decide to lease a car.

A lot of auto insurance companies will ask for the following:

A $500 maximum deductible together with a comprehensive and collision coveragewhich repays the actual cash value of the car as at the time it was purchased

A $50, 000 liability coverage on the car. For detail go here–

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