06 November 2010 Nod32 Username And Password

User Name: TRIAL-37929482
Password: k7hdx46a2d
For versions: ESS / EAV

User Name: TRIAL-37929512
Password: eh38tnu3ef
For versions: ESS / EAV

User Name: TRIAL-37929979
Password: t6p647p7dj
For versions: ESS / EAV

User Name: TRIAL-37930005
Password: 6k2x66544c
For versions: ESS / EAV

Username: EAV-37639911
Password: 88nmrcj5s2
For versions: EAV
Expiry :2011-05-10

Username: EAV-37639841
Password: rchkv4j45e
For versions: EAV

Username: EAV-37598422
Password: v2mtpjuc7j
For versions: EAV

Username: EAV-37598423
Password: rfdjkk7uhx
For versions: EAV

Username: EAV-37598421
Password: jsdnrru6f5
For versions: EAV

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