06 June 2010 username and password of nod32

Username: EAV-31770031
Password: spt4fes3b7

Username: EAV-31770041
Password: sepeu5pxbe

Username: EAV-31770087
Password: ah5bnubpub

User Name:EAV-31065204
Password: m4ren44nxv

User Name:EAV-30770172
Password: numjjc6pe6

User Name:EAV-30888974
Password: akv5272s7c

User Name:EAV-30891836
Password: rusta4c8pc

User Name:EAV-30634510
Password: 27uaae48en

User Name:EAV-30634516
Password: 4vbdvpp3x8

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