26 April 2010 Nod32 User name and Password with 6 months activation keys

Username: EAV-30263031
Password: kdscct68k8

Username: EAV-30263005
Password: 6eaa6v3t7t

Username: EAV-30263006
Password: hmhf6p33va

Username: EAV-30263012
Password: 4mh5m8x62s

Username: EAV-29820844
Password: hbnsxu5675

Username: EAV-29820848
Password: atvrmcpr27

Username: EAV-29820855
Password: rpj38dcr87

Username: EAV-30424451
Password: 3ftdf25pjh

User Name: EAV-30420162
Password: mxfamnd82u

User Name: EAV-30420165
Password: 7snbfbn5r5

Username: EAV-29820865
Password: 8r2vhbkvsd

Username: EAV-29941301
Password: arnt7bxpk5

Username: EAV-29946560
Password: rfphx2be6a

Username: EAV-29942783
Password: 76nab8jp72

The latest NOD32 4.0 activation key valid: 6 months
For versions: ESS / EAV

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