05 April 2010 username and password of nod32 antivirus (For ESS/EAV)

April 5, 2010 NOD32 Upgrade ID 

Username: EAV-29448684
Password: tj46s3kf27

Username: EAV-29448693
Password: f5rb8vh6a3

Username: EAV-29448694
Password: taxh8phc2f

Username: EAV-29448697
Password: uep5vk6jcp

Username: EAV-29448700
Password: eax6p8fe52

User Name:EAV-29448701
Password: sf6cp2fmtd

Username: EAV-29448705
Password: 7s65dn43u4

Username: EAV-29448712
Password: mptd2pp354

Username: EAV-29448720
Password: x4adetmjne

Username: EAV-29448724
Password: cda75f8xp5

Username: EAV-29448725
Password: pkfc5a86fj

Note: The version of ESS / EAV That can be used to upgrade all versions of NOD32.

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