4 March 2010 username and password of nod32 antivirus (For ESS/EAV)

March 4, 2010 NOD32 Upgrade ID
Username: EAV-28278370
Password: ptrv5frh6f

Username: EAV-28278372
Password: vhrsxb487b

Username: EAV-28278373
Password: apx2v54evr

Username: EAV-28278407
Password: 33v4k45btj

Username: EAV-28278409
Password: 8pvxevd2ud

Username: EAV-28278195
Password: 88bu5e4v3e

Username: EAV-28278199
Password: mjams5pb55

Username: EAV-28278201
Password: t8ahmx326x

Username: EAV-28278206
Password: 5exvd6bbc5

Username: EAV-28278209
Password: fsxp4txpds

Username: EAV-28278216
Password: ex6jj6u28p

Note: The version of ESS / EAV that can be used to upgrade all versions of NOD32.

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