2 March 2010 username and password of nod32 antivirus (For ESS/EAV)

Username: EAV-28220485
Password: fmdje6v4eu

Username: EAV-28220486
Password: b56ab78jpa

Username: EAV-28220488
Password: hr6653har5

Username: EAV-28220549
Password: r4mb2vnj4c

Username: EAV-28220551
Password: xrm7tr2857

Username: EAV-28220554
Password: hkuanda6uf

Username: EAV-28220561
Password: xhhjaev65e

Username: EAV-28220564
Password: hcrk4483up

Username: EAV-28220496
Password: t6k6k5frbh

Username: EAV-28220547
Password: jeme74ct4h

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