24 February 2010 username and password of nod32 antivirus

Username: EAV-28046762
Password: xceupa44a7

Username: EAV-28047424
Password: tnt7ad5b85

Username: EAV-28047445
Password: 7vx6t3ku52

Username: EAV-28047449
Password: xe65hh8fv5

Username: EAV-28047457
Password: 8tk5xk62ef

Username: EAV-28047476
Password: den7pecubh

Username: EAV-28047485
Password: 42cc6bajjc

Username: EAV-28048035
Password: 74j8pbv5xp

Username: EAV-28048039
Password: kdj2d2hh3d

Username: EAV-28048058
Password: k8a6ehxt64

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