12 February 2010 username and password of nod32 antivirus (ESS/EAV)

Username: EAV-27525688
Password: uefheastsu

Username: EAV-27525690
Password: 44fea55htp

Username: EAV-27525750
Password: bdxk628s6x

Username: EAV-27525752
Password: h4xfxtjf7s

Username: EAV-27525757
Password: 8k6emb642u

Username: EAV-27525760
Password: sedfevf2r6

Username: EAV-27527431
Password: n8kedmxsbc

Username: EAV-27527500
Password: 7xhkrm2j7x

Username: EAV-27527527
Password: nv3nxh5xkd

Username: EAV-27527547
Password: 275mj6kjfa

Username: EAV-27527673
Password: u65r2mhf7d

Username: EAV-27527697
Password: 5fmxcpb6j2

Note: The version of ESS / EAV that can be used to upgrade all versions of NOD32.

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