Free 3 Months ESET Nod32 Smart Security Genuine License Key

I find another way to find a 3 months genuine license for Eset Nod32 Smart Security. As I have explained the difference of these two Eset products, Smart Security should be able to meet your satisfaction in computer security. I myself am using this Smart Security and I should admit, this can detect many of the spywares and online attacks when I am browsing.
Here are the steps you need to follow to have your own legit key:
1. Get the China open proxies from Rosinstrument, XRoxy or Pass. Copy all of the China proxies ip to a Notepad because you will need to check them in step 2 (just for your convenience) with the format of IP:Port (for example:

2. As they are open proxies, they always go down easily in no time. The easiest way to check them is to visit Online Proxy Checker. Just paste the IPs from step 1 to the box and click "Check Proxy!" button. When it has finished loading, the working IPs will be listed at the end of the page.

3. Download Proxifier Standard Edition and install the exe. It is a trial application.

4. After finish installing, run the application and from the Options > Proxy Settings, click "Add" button and enter the proxy address and port from step 2. If the Online Proxy Checker notifies that an IP is a “good socks 4 proxies”, then select SOCKS Version 4. Now click the Check button. You might want to enable SOCKS 4A extension if the testing fails. Once you get the message “Proxy is ready to work with Proxifier”, proceed to next step. Otherwise keep testing until you get a working proxy.

5. Visit this site: and clicked on the button marked with the red arrow.

6. Enter your: Name, Email and Confirm Email again. Then click the green button. Note down the 24-digit activation code which will be converted into a working ESET Smart Security Username and Password valid for 3 months.

7. If you have not installed Eset Smart Security yet, disable your Proxifier. Then, visit this Nod32 of Australia site to download a 1 month trial license. Enter your email address and hit the Submit button. Check your email (which you have entered in the form) to check an email from with the suject: “ESET Smart Security - Trial License”. Note down the 1 month trial ESET Username and Password.

8. Download and install the latest ESET Smart Security. For 32-bit Windows, download from here. For 64-bit Windows: here. Enter the ESET Username and Password when requested. During installation, check “Setup update parameters later” when asked to enter your ESET Smart Security Username and Password.

7. Then download this Eset Activation Tool.

8. Re-enable the Proxifier and run essact.exe. Make sure the first option “Activate with Activation Code” is selected. And then enter your Name, Email and the 24-digit Activation code from step 6. Once it is done, the message “Activation succeed, the Expiry Date is:2009-MM-DD” will appear.

To get another activation code, you need to choose the China IP Proxies which have not requested the code. It is also dependant to your Email address which means entering the same email address will always give you the same 24 digits of activation code.

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