Eset Latest Signature Database Update

Changes in NOD32 Antivirus Beta:
* Enhancement: Support for Dynamic Disks
* Fix: Sending of extended information to customer care doesn't work
* Fix: Copying of settings from the on-demand scanner profile to new profile doesn't work for all values
* Fix: The notification about the completed scan in a separate window not functioning
* Enhancement: Windows AIK 2.0 for Win 7 support added
* Fix: Reinstall/repair of ESS/ EAV will disable resident protection after restart
* Fix: It is not possible to burn SYSRESCUE on different types of media
* Fix: WinXP x86 sp3: It is not possible to detect HDD and the network driver
* Enhancement: Support for Windows NT4 (only select of the features)
* Enhancement: license info updated more frequently

Changes in ESET Smart Security Beta:
* Fix: Potential BSOD during scanning of inbound traffic. Fix on the TDI driver
* Fix: Received and rescanned e-mails appear twice in Thunderbird offline mode (IMAP)
* Fix: Error sending a file using right mouse button on MS Outlook (POP3, IMAP, Exchange)
* Fix: ESET Thunderbird Extension interference with Thunderbird spam filter
* Enhancement: Possibility to add Antivirus & Antispyware exceptions in quotation marks
* Enhancement: Added special zones in the Firewall
* Enhancement: Added support for Opera 10. The path to database of certificates changed
* Fix: Issues with ESS installation on some operating systems
* Fix: http address management - impossible to add mask host/*
* Fix: Missing information about transport protocol (TCP/UDP) in the interactive dialog
* Fix: Received infected email stops Thunderbird with IMAP account.
* Fix: Issues when firewall rules are being looked up
* Fix: Problems with https scanning. Fix: Windows Live Mail: Phishing mails corrupted (Contents of e-mail get lost)
* Fix: Automatic removal of encrypted files in Outlook Express
* Enhancement: Support for Thunderbird 3
* Enhancement: Possibility to push update the Firewall module after PC restart
* Feature: Only emails with infected files will be tagged by default
* Enhancement: Changed principle of authentication by a way of automated creation of trusted zone on the basis of subnet. Now authentication of zones is defined by DNS, DHCP, Default gateway, and SSID.
* Fix: BSOD appearing if the firewall driver not loaded
* Enhancement: New configuration window for the exclusion of an application within the Firewall’s "Protocol filtering" function. It works in TDI and WFP (in WFP it is not possible to exclude applications from filtering)
* Fix: Thunderbird crashes after rescan of messages (IMAP, offline mode)
* Fix: Improved performance of http scanning.
* Enhancement: Firewall profiles added
* Enhancement: Trusted Zone verification by the Authentication Server or a local network
* Fix: issues with USB blocking feature
* Fix: Random "Last successful update" date value displayed before the first update using SysRescue CD

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