10 January 2010 username and password of nod32

Username: EAV-26183598
Password: 2bc3nua86a

Username: EAV-26183599
Password: 7xcvhpkv75

Username: EAV-26183559
Password: 58xtdmmhpv

Username: EAV-26183571
Password: bnt4m5u5p2

Username: EAV-26183572
Password: 66ksh76m3d

Username: EAV-26183590
Password: fav6dx33k3

Username: EAV-26183591
Password: brpu82chue

Username: EAV-26183595
Password: ee62u8xbd2

Username: EAV-26183564
Password: ur7s3485f3

Username: EAV-26183569
Password: 52t7sajep6

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