24 October 2009 username and password of nod32

UserName: EAV-21966304
Password: uj7sdt8jak
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

Username: EAV-23176119
Password: bfm5nkutma
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-22433619
Password: x2cv55kakc
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

Username: TRIAL-23301446
Password: hdfvkh4s4f
Version: ESS, EAV, 4.0

Username: TRIAL-23356496
Password: 7umc8hu4e8
Version: ESS, EAV, 4.0

Username: TRIAL-23356504
Password: 42emvck4ke
Version: ESS, EAV, 4.0

UserName: EAV-23190624
Password: encpfb7n3s
Version: EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-23080131
Password: 3pfjr8ktk8
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-22865217
Password: 2jsua6kbxx
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: TRIAL-23460795
Password: 4h3m8p2cer
Version: ESS, EAV, 4.*

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