100 % workable keys of bitdefender (til 2047)

(For enlarge picture click the image)

** WARNING ** Use other Antivirus programs (not BD) to scan this TR to make sure that it is not infected with malware.

(You need to extract the TR from the zip file before scanning.)


For BitDefender 2010

1. Install BitDefender2010 but {DO NOT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER}.
(If already installed, then see Note A below.)

2. Execute the TR and restart your computer.

3. Adjust the BD settings, update, and do a full scan of your computer.

4. To remove the TR, just click the .

The uninstall will convert the BD back to a 30-day trial version.

(You should uninstall the TR and restart the computer before uninstalling the

BitDefender itself. IF you don't, BD will generate a bug report.)

Note A: If BD2010 is already installed, then you must install in TR in Windows Safe Mode

(F8) using an Administrator account or uninstall BD then repeat the steps above.

NOTE B: When using the TR with Total Security, the Online Backup feature does not work

because you don't have an account with BD.


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