Before You Buy Antivirus Software

The Internet makes it possible for a new virus to spread around the globe in only minutes. Antivirus software is one of the single most important pieces of software on your system. While many new systems come with antivirus software pre-installed, it may not be the best choice for your needs and it most certainly is out of date by the time it’s delivered to your home.

You have to do:

After choosing a few certified products to test, determine what the actual cost of ownership is. Unlike other forms of software, antivirus software must be continually updated to remain effective. Additionally, new versions should be purchased annually to maintain the highest level of protection. Vendor prices for upgrades and annual licenses vary widely.

Certifiable Protection:

Antivirus software must be able to detect 100% of all in-the-wild threats to provide proper protection. Various agencies exist to determine which products meet these criteria. performs the most extensive testing, using both in-the-wild (ItW) and Zoo viruses with displayed results for various categories of threats. Their results form the decision basis for our Top Picks.

Features, Bells, and Whistles:

If you use email, IM, or file-sharing applications, you will want to choose virus software that offers extra protection for those avenues. If you have an older system, you may want to forgo some of the extra bells and whistles and choose a basic antivirus software package that consumes fewer system resources.