About nod32

Eset is a privately held software development and research company with offices in San Diego USA, Prague CZ, and Bratislava SK, and partners across the globe.

Founded in 1992, Eset has focused exclusively on developing innovative antivirus software systems.

Today's NOD32 Antivirus System evolved from that development process, and is consistently rated as one of the best antivirus products in the world ... in fact, NOD32 holds more Virus Bulletin 100% Awards than any other antivirus product available. For best service u should have a net connection.

NOD32 wins its record 17th Virus Bulletin 100% Award:

NOD32 Antivirus System has received its 17th Virus Bulletin 100% Award (Virus Bulletin, February 2002). Since its first submission for testing by this professional international publication on virus prevention, recognition and removal, NOD32 has not missed a single In The Wild virus.
The latest achieved result is yet another justification of the number of prestigious awards granted to this state-of-the-art antivirus system.

NOD32 wins its 16th Virus Bulletin 100% award :

Eset Software, Coronado CA - NOD32 is the proud recipient of its, industry leading, 16th Virus Bulletin 100% award. Eset's NOD32 Antivirus Software continues to dominate the industry with respect to detection a claim supported by its title as the only product to have never missed a Virus in the Wild during testing by the Virus Bulletin. NOD32 also continued to set new high standards in Scan Rates with a total time to complete all tests of just 135 seconds compared to the average of 825 seconds and the next best time to complete of 251 seconds. To quote Virus Bulletin, when referring to NOD32's past performance of having never missed a Virus in the Wild test - "Their record claim remains unbroken" and "speed which it combines with a recent record of no false positives". NOD32 remains the Best of the New Generation and will most likely be the last Antivirus product you buy. You have already tried the rest - it is time to buy the best.

NOD32 leads all other antivirus programs - 15 Virus Bulletin 100% Awards :

The September 2001 Virus Bulletin test results have confirmed NOD32's place at the top of the 100% Award winners list. Analysts noted not only NOD32's detection performance but also the program's overwhelming speed of execution. Based on the results (Virus Bulletin, September 2001) NOD32 had an Executable File Throughput rate in excess of 5 million B/s, the next best was measured at 2 million B/s and most of the other 11 competing programs staggered along at less than 800,000 B/s. As an example, NAI McAfee NetShield tested at approximately 7 times slower while missing 9 viruses and failing to win a 100% award. Since its first participation in the prestigious Virus Bulletin tests (May 1998), NOD32 did not miss a single "In the Wild" virus. This unique and unprecedented result earned NOD32 15 Virus Bulletin 100% Awards, more than any other antivirus product. We always believed NOD32 to be the best. Now it is official.